Responses to the 'Man Up' Challenge

By Ben York,
Posted: March 11, 2013

When we first launched the Man Up/Cure the Cooties campaign two weeks ago, there was no way of forecasting what sort of reaction, if any, it would generate.

Amazingly, to date, we have received over 100 emails from individuals willing to take the challenge. It has also garnered local and national attention in the media from outlets such as KTAR, Yahoo! Sports and the New York Daily News.

Needless to say, labeling the response as overwhelmingly positive would be an understatement.

We, as Phoenix Mercury and/or WNBA fans, are in this challenge together. Its a collaborative group effort to grow the league.

In the business of womens basketball, there are times youll never know if that email you sent to a naysayer or that phone call you placed to a friend who has never been to a WNBA game will ever pay off.

Rather, its easy to feel like the mountain is too high to climb.

In that spirit, we felt it was important to share a fraction of the amazing emails and responses weve received thus far. They come from men of all ages and backgrounds. Some want to experience the Mercury on their own; others want to take their daughters, sons or even their entire family.

Simply put  you are making a difference.

I am a father of three I have 2 sons ages 9 and 2 and a daughter age 7. We have been to many Suns games and I would really like to get my kids excited about WNBA games, especially for my daughter who is very athletic but seems to be getting discouraged about playing sports. Thank you for the chance to show my kids to keep an open mind.

My son and I will take your challenge. We've never been to a Mercury game before and have on past occasion have labeled them (unfairly) as mediocre basketball. Help us to correct our ways, we would enjoy having tickets to a game to make an honest judgment.

I am interested in the free ticket offer by the Mercury. I am a male who would like to take wife and daughter to the game. At least my daughter. She is 7 years old. I have taken her to a couple of Suns games and she always says she would like to see the women play. I would like 1,2, or 3 tickets.

Good evening. I just saw a posting on the Mercury website for tickets to Mercury games.... for males. Ive never been to a WNBA game, as im kind of one of the skeptics, and I think this would be a good opportunity to open my eyes and ears to the Phx Mercury.

That is a great idea about offering tickets to the non-believing male fans! Once people see the skill level required to play at a professional level, they will definitely change their minds. Spending some money in complimentary tickets right now might pay off big in the future with increased attendance and a better public image. Although my family wont be in the Phoenix area anytime soon due to a new addition to the family, Ill make sure to see if there are any games schedule the next time I happen to roll into town.

I've been a lifelong Suns fan for as long as I can remember since I was a kid. And I've never really given the Mercury a fair shot in terms of trying to enjoy or watch a game. I'd be willing to give them a shot to see a game.

I am very interested in getting free tickets to a Mercury game, thanks in advance. I read your article and agree about the women's game being underrated.

I always thought about watching a full WNBA game, but I have to admit that I take them for granted as well because of the fact that some of the women basketball in college seem kind of boring, so I was under the impression that all of women basketball is boring. If you are willing, I would be glad to come view one of the Phoenix Mercury games.

I saw your comments on Yahoo Sports about the WNBA and giving away free tickets, and I am willing to watch a game in person. But I want to see if your statement is true, and Im willing to sit through a whole game to see if you can change my mind about WNBA. Also, I know the ladies for the WNBA are very talented and I would not like to play against any of them. I am just one of those guys who see a WNBA game on TV and think it is not for me, so I change the channel. But I do hope I get a chance to see a game live even if you dont give me free tickets.

Saw your story on Yahoo! Sports about the WNBA. Although I personally don't watch much, I have massive respect for the talent and hard work displayed in the league. I haven't had the good fortune of attending a Mercury game here in Phoenix, and was hoping your free ticket offer didn't only apply to males trying to badmouth the league. If the offer is available, I'd love to get 2 tickets, if possible.

Hey Ben, read your article. Heard on ktar too that you are giving away tickets. Do you have 2 tickets to spare? Looking to support our home team in any way I can. What do you need?

Great article (Guys: It's Time to Man Up). Sure, I admire the Mercury Championship banners hanging in US Airways Arena. Have I ever been to a game? No, I haven't. I would like to accept your challenge.

Good Morning Ben, I have never been to a mercury game but I would like to see a game. Im not sure why I havent been that interested in the Mercury, but maybe seeing a game will help me become a fan.

I saw the article they posted on this morning about the Phoenix Mercury and free tickets! I would be happy to stand up and be counted as a man who enjoys the WNBA. At any rate, I am a willing participant and hope to hear back from you!

I have 2 daughters 10 and 8 years old and I would love them taken to mercury game... Sundays and Mondays are the best

I saw your article and would like to check out a game with my daughter. I have never been to a Mercury game before.

I'm a 26 year old male and am interested in attending a Phx Mercury game this season with some other buddies of mine. Can you please tell me more about this promotion?

I was interested in taking advantage of the free tickets for men promotion for myself and my son. Is there anything we have to do?

I read your article as I was on the NBA site on Yahoo Sports. I agree, the ladies of the WNBA are amazing athletes. I am a man as well and I think this but I see the value in womens sports. I have coached Elementary School through College level on girls sports and people dont appreciate their abilities. I would LOVE to come to a game, Ive never been to an WNBA game before.

The Man Up Challenge isn't just for guys! Any doubting ladies out there? Feel free to email or tweet us. We want all doubters to give the Mercury a try!