Ann Meyers Drysdale Humbled to See Bobblehead in Her Likeness

There aren’t many awards or honors left for Ann Meyers Drysdale to receive.

Name a hall of fame, she’s probably a member of it. A challenge, she’s overcome it. But there’s one thing that the former UCLA Bruin has yet to add to her countless accolades.

A bobblehead. 

“I was a little embarrassed,” Meyers Drysdale said when she first saw her bobblehead. “But I was certainly honored.”

Before Thursday’s Fan Appreciation Night game against Seattle, the first 2,500 fans in attendance will receive their very own Ann Meyers Drysdale bobblehead.

Meyers Drysdale, who remains the only female to ever sign a free-agent deal with an NBA team, currently serves as an executive and broadcaster for the Mercury.

“I’ve seen the bobblehead. I was surprised the Mercury would do that for me and I’m still questioning their sanity on that,” Meyers Drysdale joked. “I just hope mine shakes its head ‘yes’ more than Diana’s (Taurasi) shook its head ‘no.’”

Meyers Drysdale’s is the third bobblehead giveaway this season by the Mercury after original coach and general manager Cheryl Miller and Taurasi, three icons of the franchise, all three of whom impacted the Mercury in different and lasting ways.

“These days, doesn’t matter the sport, it seems like the way you know you’ve ‘made it’ is if you’ve had a bobblehead made in your likeness,” said Vince Kozar, Vice President of Operations for the team.

“With all Annie has accomplished—from UCLA to Team USA, the WBL, broadcasting and the WNBA—it just seemed crazy that no one had ever made a bobblehead of her,” Kozar continued.

“We wouldn’t have three championships without Annie, and she’s here making our broadcasts world-class, she’s out in our community on behalf of the Mercury, and she’s still fighting to help us build this game that she loves so much.  This bobblehead is a gift to our fans—that’s why we are giving it away on Fan Appreciation Night—but it’s also a gift to Annie, and the Mercury couldn’t be more honored as an organization to be the ones to give it.”

After Thursday’s game, Meyers Drysdale will have to make room among the countless awards on her mantle for her bobblehead addition.

“I just want to say ‘thank you’ to the Mercury organization and ‘thank you’ to the entire X-Factor,” Meyers Drysdale said.

“I never expected it and it truly is an honor.”