Five-on-Five with Coach Penny Taylor

After playing for so many seasons, how does it feel to be working off the court?

It’s a little different. Definitely have a more broad approach. Not so worried about just one position, but seeing the whole floor and trying to be helpful teaching the new players. Just having a good all around knowledge is a little bit different. As a player you’re very specific to your part of the practice. It’s a lot of fun. I’m enjoying it. I’m enjoying being able to offer some advice to the players as we go along and helping make this transition easier for them.


How has the transition been from player to your new role as Director of Player Development and Performance?

It’s fun. I never enjoyed practice as a player because it was more enjoyable for me in the games obviously like my most people. As a coach on the sidelines at practice, I’m really enjoying it and finding those gaps where you can help people understand things better. Just be an all around observer of the game.


What are you most looking forward to this season?

Everything. I love everything about the Mercury season. I’m looking forward to seeing fans, and looking forward to watching the games and learning from Sandy [Brondello]. Especially making sure that I’m helping in every way that I can as far as the players on the court and off the court and helping everyone gel.


With many new faces, are there any new players you are looking forward to working with?

Obviously [Danielle Robinson]. Having her coming in and the experience she’s had through the league, and the new look she can bring to this team. Young [Stephanie Talbot] being a young Australian. Really looking forward to seeing her and helping her transition into the WNBA.


Message to the X-Factor?

Hi everyone. Really looking forward to seeing you all and hearing your cheers and feeling your energy. I hope you will all be there to support us in the first game. Thank you.