Five-on-Five with Yvonne Turner

What do you anticipate your role being with the Mercury?

I’m definitely going to be a defensive presence with the team for sure. It’s my number one go to move I would say, but definitely on the defensive side that’s my number one goal to bring to the team.

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

Probably like a time-hop, so I can hop from just one place to the next because I hate flying. I don’t mind driving so something that I can just time-hop somewhere.

Who are you most looking forward to playing with this season?

My whole team. I don’t take anyone out of the picture. All 12 of us are important to the team. So I’m just excited to play with a great group of girls.

How would you describe your dream breakfast?

A coffee, fresh orange juice, sausage…spicy sausage patties. I’d probably say an omelet or scrambled eggs with cheese or veggies in it. Pancakes, huge pancakes with lots of butter and syrup. Fresh fruit and croissants. Tons of croissants. I love croissants. Limitless croissants. That’s probably about it.

It’s early, but what are your expectations for this season?

To continue the legacy that Phoenix has. Just continue to get better everyday in practice and obviously hopefully make it to playoffs and just continue the momentum that Phoenix already has built. Just keep going.