Top 5 Mercury Moments From 2017

It was a summer of many moments for the Mercury. Even though the season ended without a championship, it will still go down as one of the most memorable season in Mercury history. Let’s count it down!

5. 10 new faces + 4 rookies = More wins. Fifth straight Semi-Finals trip. A team where only 2 players from the previous season were still around, still managed to work together and go all the way to the Semi-Finals for the fifth season in a row.

4. The season was on the line. And with the results of the game not going in our favor, this was still one of the most clutch moments in Mercury history.

3. When BG decided she wanted to help her hometown, we were there. And so were you, XFactor, to the tune of more than $66,000.

2. Complete dominance by Brittney as she was the @WNBA scoring leader in 2017.

1. And you had to know what we named our top moment of 2017. Diana’s history making bucket as she became the @WNBA‘s All-Time Leading Scorer.