All-Time Merc: No. 3, DeWanna Bonner

By Ben York,
Posted: Jan. 24, 2013

As voted by you, the X-Factor, were counting down your top 10 All-Time Favorite Mercury players in franchise history.

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No. 3: DeWanna Bonner
Years with the Mercury: 2009 - present
Total Percentage of Votes: 41.8%

Its impossible not to like DeWanna Bonner.

Im serious. Dont even try. (And Im not sure why youd want to.)

Obviously, DeWanna Bonner is an exceptional asset to the Mercury. She can play any position on the court at any given time. An excellent ball-handler for her size, Bonner also manages to find a way to score wherever shes at on the floor. Shes worked to expand her shooting range and is now a legitimate threat from the outside.

But you already knew that.

From the time she first became a Phoenix Mercury in 2009, DeWanna Bonner has held a special place in the hearts of Mercury fans. Shooting 50 percent from the field and averaging over 11 points off the bench during their playoff run, Bonner was an invaluable piece for the Mercury that perfectly complimented the Big Three of Taurasi, Pondexter and Taylor en route to the clubs second WNBA Championship.

But her likeability is so much more than how hard she plays and how effective she is for the Mercury; its her eternal optimism and infectious attitude.

Its the way she interacts and jokes with fellow teammates. Its how she and the coaching staff constantly rib each other. Its the hilarity she inspires in everyone even though you might not have any idea what shes saying.

Thats just DB.

Still, I think what resonates the most with Mercury fans is how weve seen Bonner grow into a superstar before our eyes  not because she wanted to necessarily, but because the team needed her to be one.

In fact, at every single level shes played at, DeWanna Bonner has far exceeded expectations.

Take a look at her rookie season in 2009. She was thrust into the spotlight of being a high draft pick while playing significant minutes for a championship team. Not only did she provide a colossal boost off the bench, she played an integral role in the playoffs down the stretch (especially in the Finals from a defensive standpoint).

Last season, in 2012, with an injury-laden roster, she was expected to step up in whatever way she could. But to finish second in the league in scoring? Nobody could have predicted that...except maybe DeWanna.

Again, individual accolades aren't important to her; she'll do whatever the team needs her to do -- a character trait that is highly valued.

Many things have changed during Bonners tenure with the Mercury. But her trademark smile, determination and electric personality will always endure.

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