Community Assist

The MercuryÂs ÂCommunity Assist Program gives local Charities and Non-Profits the opportunity to gain exposure to our fans and fundraising dollars to help support their main initiatives. ItÂs a true win-win, as not only Mercury fans, but people from all over the State of Arizona can come together, and make the ÂAssist to those in need.

Below are our current ÂCommunity Assist Partners and the Mercury games theyÂre participating in. You can learn more about these great organizations by clicking the link(s) below.

If you or a Non-Profit Organization that you know is interested in becoming a ÂCommunity Assist partner with the Phoenix Mercury, please email or call (602) 379-7876 for more information. We look forward to seeing you. Thanks for all your support, and for being a great partner in our community.