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Scorch’s Origin Story
Scorch is an extraterrestrial visitor from the fiery planet Mercury. In 2002,
an unusual energy spike appeared on Scorch’s radar and he was sent on
a mission to investigate. Scorch hopped in his spaceship and followed
his compass to The Valley in Phoenix, Arizona on Earth. When he arrived,
he quickly discovered the source of the soundwaves; it was the Mighty
Mercury chant from the X-Factor fanbase of the Phoenix Mercury. Scorch
was overwhelmed by the X- factor’s excitement, joy, and love, creating
an instant and unbreakable bond with the team and the city.
Fun Facts
Image of Scorch


Planet Mercury

Earth Landing

June 9, 2002

Favorite Food

Hot Dogs

Favorite Drink

Hot Chocolate

Favorite Movie

Phoenix Rising

Favorite Song